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  • On Circumstantial Citizenship

    I never felt American until I moved to Australia. And then when I moved to Queensland, I felt really, really American. Being American, ironically, was never a category I applied to myself even when I lived there. Nationalism is a strange disease. Like a bad cough, or a runny nose, it infects some people worse than others. Many are quite simply immune to it. I must have been inoculated at […] The post On Circumstantial Citizenship appeared first on Mountains Beyond Mountains. […]

  • Roasters United: Flying West Coffee Roasters and the Sunshine Coast’s Coffee Trail

    What do you get when you combine the beautiful scenery of the Sunshine Coast with a passionate group of local roasters—an official coffee trail! Flying West, along with five other local roasters, joined forces to create the Coast’s first and only coffee trail, highlighting not only the amazing coffee on order, but also the 60 local cafes serving up their fresh beans. Launched this year by the Sunshine Coast Roasters […] The post Roasters United: Flying West Coffee Roasters and the Sunshine Coast’s Coffee Trail appeared first on Mountains Beyond Mountains. […]

  • Eumundi: Our Story Past, Present & Future

    As part of the 50th anniversary of the naming of the Sunshine Coast, Eumundi celebrates its story! From 29 September to 1 October, there’s a full weekend of family-fun, community events ranging from indigenous talks and a grand parade, to music and beer celebrations, as well as ballroom dance. As a gift for generations to come, a time capsule documenting the weekend will be buried at Eumundi State School to […] The post Eumundi: Our Story Past, Present & Future appeared first on Mountains Beyond Mountains. […]

  • Sunshine Kollectiv: A New Approach to Community News

    The Mission: CELEBRATING OUR BEAUTIFUL HOME Created for the digital-savvy members of the healthy lifestyle movement, and built on the ethos LIVE LOVE LOCAL, the sunshine kollectiv is a multi-platform portal celebrating all things local, healthy, healing and sustainable on the Sunshine Coast. Through our digital community newspaper, we connect community, foster sustainability, and expand consciousness to create positive change—and we don’t kill any trees in the process! ‘Be the […] The post Sunshine Kollectiv: A New Approach to Community News appeared first on Mountains Beyond Mountains. […]

  • My Novel: New Henley

    Book Description: After years of chaos and rioting, powerful businessmen create a society to maximise profit called New Henley. A cardiac surgeon and rising son of New Henley’s elite, Alistair Van Doren desperately wants to escape the shadow of his politician father. When he develops a prescient heart device, he is forced to see it used for darker means—as a natural selector. He becomes aware of the true cost of […] The post My Novel: New Henley appeared first on Mountains Beyond Mountains. […]

  • Backtrax Sports Utility Rooftents Website

    We designed the website and provided content (words + pics) for Backtrax Sports Utility Rooftents, the first Australian-made hard shell roof tent. We also developed the key branding messages and set up social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. To see the site, click here.   Go Remote with Backtrax Sports Utility Rooftents INNOVATIVE ADVENTURE The first Australian designed for Australian Conditions hard shell fibreglass roof tent to hit the market, Backtrax […] The post Backtrax Sports Utility Rooftents Website appeared first on Mountains Beyond Mountains. […]

ummagumma’s clients

Woodford Folk Festival
(event + project management)

Eumundi Chamber of Commerce
(event promotion, print materials, social media set-up)

Flying West Coffee Roasters
(blog articles, ems set-up, photography)

sunshine kollectiv
(website design + content (photos + words) + social media, ems + print)

Backtrax Sports Utility RoofTents
(website design + content (photos + words) + social media set-up & content+
ems set-up +  product launch)

LOVE SEX DESIRE with Susana Frioni
(public relations)

Pat Callinan Media
(editorial content, words, photos + videos)

Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures
(editorial content, words + photos)

(editorial content, words, photos + videos)

Go Camping 4WD & Fishing Adventures Magazine
(editorial content, words + photos)

Travelander International
(media planning, public relations + content creation)

SEQ Campers & Gear
(website design + content, photos + words)

West Coast Campers & Gear
(website design + content, photos + words)

Auto Biovac, James Baroud
(content marketing, words + pics)

nuvision media
(website content)

Blackall Range Independent School
(website content, words + photos)

All Terrain Warriors
(content + photography)

“After launching a new company and while on a tight budget, I hired ummagumma for copywriting and a website refresh, to draft a proposal for a potential multi-million dollar client and brainstorm business development and marketing strategies. I would highly recommend ummagumma, especially if you’re a new business looking for affordable marketing work.”  – Dylan, nuvision media